There are many people from all over the world who want to learn the English language. Why? English is the key to opportunity, opening the door to better jobs and business opportunities, as well as the ability to build new relationships. Mastering English allows one to be more confident and respected by others. Now, the fundamental question to consider is, “What is the most effective way to learn English?” , and the answer is that you must learn English the same way you learned your own native language. To prove this statement, let’s look at how you learned your own language. 1) As a baby, you first learned the basic sounds. 2) As a toddler, you learned how to put those sounds together to make words and speak. 3) In your first years as a student you began to read and write basic words. 4) As you grew older, your teachers forced you to develop your skills by memorizing vocabulary, sentence structure, and grammar. For the past several decades, there have been many different ways people went about teaching the English language. However, if you look closely into each teaching method, you will immediately notice that they are teaching in the exact opposite order listed above. The English language is being taught backwards and this is why many foreigners struggle with an accent that prevents their ability to communicate all of their ideas. Memorizing vocabulary is no use if no one can understand the words that you are saying.

So with this simple logic, why are people still trying to learn the language by simply memorizing the alphabet, grammar, words, and sentences? The answer is simple; until now, there hasn’t been a teacher who’s taught a proper breathing technique and emphasized the importance of sounds. Basic sounds and specific breathing patterns are the foundation of every spoken language, and when learning English one must create a solid base of English breathing and sounds before they can ever master the language completely. Jackspeaking Video Lessons provide the building blocks necessary to create this solid base allowing one to speak English as fluently as their own native language. So, if you are reading this and just realized that you are missing a solid base, don’t worry; rebuilding is much easier than you think! This opportunity will allow you to learn the language the proper way without the inconvenience of forming bad habits.

building collapse
Collapse is inevitable without a solid base

Many people travel to English speaking countries thinking that just memorizing vocabulary and watching English speakers on the internet is enough preparation for them to communicate and survive in their new environment, but no matter how many times you listen to a native speaker and try to imitate them, you will not be able to reproduce the same sounds and your accent will prevent you from communicating. This is the result of not being taught the proper breathing techniques that the native speakers naturally inherited as a baby. For this reason, Jackspeaking Video Lessons were created to help students overcome their accents and speak English fluently.

Building Collapse
Building Collapses