Question 1: How does the program work?

Answer 1:  JackSpeaking® Program™ provides various unique exercises that can be practiced during the convenience of your time, in the comfort of your own home, office, or wherever you can get the Internet! The methods you learn will help you acquire the ability to speak English fluently. These are carefully designed videos that are systematically put in place so that you can learn the proper techniques at your own pace. The videos will help you recognize the issues that are making you feel like you've reached a plateau in your English learning experience. Then, it provides you with appropriate methods that can be easily applied when you are speaking so that you can overcome that barrier effortlessly. Before you know it, you will be speaking with confidence and without hesitation.

Question 2: What is the difference between Korean and English Sounds?

Answer 2: TV and radio personalities speak more clearly in their native language. Simply, listen to these native news anchors and compare their sounds with Korean news anchors; you will immediately notice that they sound different because they are using different breathing techniques. If you imitate native speakers, you will still continue to have an accent because you are attempting to speak English using Korean sounds. This accent will make it hard for native speakers to understand you. Many people believe that they can just listen to native speakers and learn to speak English, but without learning the proper breathing technique they will always have a Korean accent.

Question 3: How much does it cost?

Answer 3: Please click here for our latest prices.

Question 4: How long is each video lesson?

Answer 4:  JackSpeaking® Program™ is divided into 3 courses (Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced). Beginner includes 5 levels, Intermediate includes 6 levels, and Advanced includes 5 levels. Each level consists of 12 video lessons; and each video lesson is about 15 minutes long. Jackspeaking recommends each level (12 videos) to be viewed for one month; this would spread out Beginner course to be viewed in 5 months, Intermediate course to be viewed in 6 months, and Advanced course to be viewed in 5 months. However, going at your own pace to understand each lesson thoroughly is most recommended.

Question 5: How do I purchase / access the videos?

Answer 5: Click on JackSpeaking® Program™ tab on the homepage, it will bring you to a web page with easy-to-follow instructions on how to purchase different levels of video lessons. After checking off the appropriate package(s), click the ‘Add to Cart’ button. From there, you will be instructed to pay for the package(s) via pay pal or credit card (all major credit cards). After you receive the order confirmation, you can always log into your membership from the home page and view the purchased videos at your convenience.

Question 6: How long do I have access to the videos I purchase?

Answer 6: If you purchase one of the packages that include all levels (Beginner - 60 videos, Intermediate – 72 videos, Advanced – 60 videos) you can easily access and view all of the videos included up to 5 months (6 months for intermediate) from the date of purchase. If you purchase a level individually (12 videos), you can easily access and view all of the videos included up to 1 month.

Question 7: What will I get out of purchasing just one level?

Answer 7: One level includes 12 videos which were systematically designed for viewers to significantly improve their speaking ability. The provided videos can be extended throughout the month so that you can learn at your own pace. As you watch, learn, and practice your progress will spike your curiosity, encouraging you to continue your hard work. This is similar to the expression, ‘curiosity killed the cat’ except in this case ‘curiosity killed your accent.’ JackSpeaking® Program™ suggests that you record yourself before and after each video lesson. The evidence showing your improvement will not only bring you joy but also encourage you to go further in your language development.

Question 8: How is JackSpeaking® any different from any other English learning Programs?

Answer 8: JackSpeaking® Program™ has many different advantages in comparison to other English learning Programs. Most other Programs force you to memorize vocabulary and grammar, however the methods used by JackSpeaking® Program™ takes a different approach. It encourages you to learn how to pronounce and think like a native first, so when time comes for learning the vocabulary your brain will be structured to understand the meanings much more effectively. This means that your brain will no longer need to take the extra step of translating one language to another.

*Once you become a JackSpeaking® member, you’re encouraged to send in your audio/video recordings to receive professional advice on how to improve your speaking ability.

Question 9: How do I send my audio/video recording to JackSpeaking® for advice?

Answer 9: You are entitled to this feature as soon as you become a member of JackSpeaking® Program™. To become a member, you must purchase at least one level of JackSpeaking® Video Lesson. Once you are a member, you can send in your recording via e-mail to info@jackspeakingus.com. Members are also entitled to live help on specific issues by contacting the phone numbers listed on ‘Contact Us’ page.

Question 10: How does the breathing technique help with my vocabulary and grammar?

Answer 10: Once you learn the proper breathing technique required by English, you will have an advantage when reading vocabulary compared to others who didn’t learn the breathing technique. Think back to when you had to drill hundreds of vocabulary and grammar rules into your head; most likely it was tedious and boring. This was inevitable because your brain did not recognize the foreign sounds; everything about the language had to be translated. Now, compare that to how you learned vocabulary in your own native language; your understanding would have come naturally. Because English is a phonetic language, once you know how to pronounce the sounds of the language correctly it will be easier for you to recognize, sound out , spell, and use correct grammar. The result will be that reading, writing, speaking, and thinking in English will come more easily. A bidirectional relationship will develop where all of these skills will build together and strengthen each other making the process more natural as you become as fluent in English vocabulary and grammar as a native speaker!

Question 11: Can JackSpeaking® Program™ help me on my English tests?

Answer 11: Yes, most definitely. JackSpeaking® Program™ provides various techniques that are specifically designed to improve your English in numerous aspects. One of the aspects includes ‘thinking in English,’ this key factor is absolutely necessary before you can successfully master the language. For instance, if you were taking a test in your native language; you would read the context straight through and go on to solve the problem. Taking an English test will become the same and this will give you a great advantage because you won’t have that extra step in your head of having to reconstruct the language by memorization.

Question 12: Do adults have a tougher time learning English than children?

Answer 12: No. One of the reasons why adults seem to have tougher time learning English is because their native language sound production has become a habit used all of their lives. Different sound production for another language is necessary and it is something they must develop in the same way they learned the sound production of their native language. JackSpeaking® Program™ is designed so that an adult learning English will take the same steps as a English native baby.