There are many people from all over the world who want to learn the English language. Why? English is the key to opportunity, opening the door to better jobs and business opportunities, as well as the ability to build new relationships. Mastering English allows one to be more confident and […]

Breathing Technique

When watching the Olympics most people are only concerned with the results, but if they looked more closely at activities like running, punching, or jumping they may note that they all utilize a certain breathing habit. The exercise is called ‘exhale upon exertion.’ This breathing technique may be overlooked because […]

Thinking In English

Only about five percent of all students who start the study of second language in a traditional program are able to develop the ability to speak the language fluently. This is because traditional language education curriculum only consists of memorizing vocabulary, analyzing sentences for grammar, and translating never ending paragraphs.They neglect to focus […]

How it Works

Jackspeaking® is the most innovative English teaching program today. Why? Because it uses the most recent discovery of teaching that makes the most logical sense in acquiring the language. The lessons here were carefully designed so that you can easily acquire the ability to understand and speak the English language […]