Breathing Technique

When watching the Olympics most people are only concerned with the results, but if they looked more closely at activities like running, punching, or jumping they may note that they all utilize a certain breathing habit. The exercise is called ‘exhale upon exertion.’ This breathing technique may be overlooked because it’s so natural to a human body.
Breathing Teachnique

In contrary; if you were to hold your breath during the mentioned activities, you would immediately notice that the results seem forceful and unnatural. Now think about a person who isn’t accustomed to the proper breathing technique that English requires; their speech most likely sounds forceful and unnatural. Jackspeaking Program introduces “Exhale upon Speaking”, one of the key techniques necessary for mastering English.

Human Speech requires the ability to properly control your breathing patterns to produce the necessary sounds that can be transformed into a spoken language. In the human body, there is a windpipe (trachea) that connects your nose and mouth to the lungs. When you inhale, the outside air enters your body through your nose and your mouth. During this instance, your vocal cords (vocal folds) will expand as the air passes through rapidly. Then when you exhale, the air is pushed out of your lungs and it travels up through your windpipe. During this instance, your vocal cords will close momentarily before releasing the air. This will cause the vocal cords to vibrate as the air passes through, creating the necessary sounds a spoken language requires. This breathing technique allows us to express our thoughts.


Different languages produce different sounds, and as a result require different breathing techniques. A foreigner’s inability to properly produce the necessary sounds that English requires is inevitable because English sounds were not required by their native language. This creates a challenge for the foreigner as English sounds simply do not exist in their body, they begin to modify their native sounds in an attempt to speak English to the best of their abilities. This approach of speaking English is what creates the foreign accent and leads to confusion and misunderstanding. As we all know, this technique can be very frustrating for both the speaker and the people to which he is trying to communicate with. Without mastery of English breathing, the foreigner’s accent can cause him to miss out on business opportunities, new friendships, and make it difficult to build a life here in America.

So, how do we get rid of this problem? The foreigner must acquire certain breathing techniques that allow the production of the proper sounds required by the English language. Jackspeaking Video Lessons now reveal the secrets to successfully acquiring the ability to fluently speak a second language. The videos were carefully designed so your body can effortlessly acquire the English breathing technique as a habit. Results have been astonishing. Imagine your body being able to unconsciously produce the correct sounds that every English native could easily understand, much the way it is able to effortlessly produce the sounds of your own native language. Speaking will no longer be a source of embarrassment, but a joyful activity that can create many new opportunities in your personal and professional life.